sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2011

The crest of snow and copper

(full moon makes me crazy, here's a bit of erotica for this funky friday)

  It had been an uneventful summer day. She had been to the hairdresser and spent the rest of the day with friends. Laughter and warmth filled the sunny passing hours.

     By dinner time, she felt contentment. All was right; she was happy, had good friends, college was doing good. All that was missing in her life was love and, though she felt that void in her heart, almost painfully constant, it was ok. She knew one day that too would be resolved. She could quite well live without it until that time.

     The night was warm and a soft breeze blew from the ocean, making it even more pleasant. A starry sky graced the onlookers as the crescent moon smiled down at the once again gathered group of friends. Over cups of espresso and puffs of cigarette smoke, words of random talk flowed amongst the seven friends. Later on, not so far from dawn (as their nights tended to go long), the smiling seven parted, sharing yawns of sleepy relaxation.

     As she got home, all was quiet. Her mother and step-father were asleep for quite a while now and her little dog didn’t even bark. They probably didn’t even expect her to sleep at home, as she had made it a habit of going on spontaneous sleepovers at her friends’ houses.

     The girl, in her early 20’s, slipped into her pajamas lazily. Returning from her nightly trip to the bathroom, she crawled into bed, taking the time to once again run her fingers through her smooth, straightened out and recently ginger colored hair. She was very pleased with the outcome of her recent trip to the hair salon.

     Allowing the soft pillow to cradle her head as she curled and turned around to sleep, her lips curled into a small sad smile. Thoughts of loneliness crossed her mind as she lulled herself to sleep, quite aware of the void beside her in her bed. She usually had a stuffed animal lying there, but it was gone, in need of a wash. Slowly slipping into the arms of Morpheus, she rolled over and realized how cold the unoccupied space was. Shunning the thought aside with a yawn, the young woman fell finally asleep.

     While asleep, her mind wandered through the land of dream. She usually wouldn’t remember most of her dreams. Of course this night would be no different. The difference was in what she remembered: not dreams, but intense thoughts of someone she could not really identify. Teasing and being teased with words, little jokes of un-marred and distinct sexual nature she had quite surely had made so many times. Never had they been taken seriously or actually acted upon, simply laughed off or equally responded, with loud chuckles and cheeks flushed from laughter. Girl talk, at the most: who would get away with going to bed wearing socks just because they were so hot; whose smile was the best; betting on who would be the best kisser and so on. How they laughed, rating girls and boys alike as the group of friends passed them by, walking along the Algarvian seashores. It was all jokes, it was just fun!

     She suddenly blinked, awaking for a moment. It was morning already, as the light coming through the window indicated. Quite into the morning, too, as both her mom and stepdad had already left for work – the dog’s presence in her bed proved it so. “So”, she thought, “it’s past nine for sure. Ah, well, it is summer vacation and nobody has gotten up yet, that’s certain.” Thinking so, she turned around in lazy lethargy. Suddenly, it hit her. The realization of what her sleeping mind had been going on about. To whom those thoughts were directed. That made her feel utterly lonely… and a bit surprised too.

- I am trying too hard to forget how much I feel lonely, maybe… well, in my love life, at least. – She said to herself in a whisper. – It has been a long time, for sure…

     In fact, two years since her last relationship. Four, since her first kiss. The girl felt so lame, so inexperienced, so stupidly like a near-depression teenager. She laughed slightly bitterly and turned around once more, ready to give in to her laziness.

     And there he was. Standing… well, leaning against her desk, arms casually crossed over his chest. The guy her mind had been going on about ever since she had laid her head to sleep. Surprise, confusion and embarrassment framed her facial features. He looked pleased with that. A bit eager, too.

- How… how did you get in here? – She asked, almost losing her voice. The girl had never been alone with him.

- Door was open. – He stated simply, pointing with his head and slightly looking towards the veranda’s glass door in explanation. – So, technically, you let me in.

- Not so, actually. Unless you go on the habit of walking into every open window or door you happen to pass by, like a sneaky cat burglar. – The girl retorted, with a smirk.

     Her voice was back in control, but her mind was racing. So was her heart. The man chuckled.

- Always a snappy retort at hand, heh? I like that.

     He was now standing closer to her bed, hands lazily tucked in his pockets. Sporting her most relaxed face, she sat on the bed. Her eyes gathered the information on his looks at the same time his distinctive scent insinuated itself into her mind, causing her to blink and smile slightly.

     Long, black, wavy and shiny hair, resting right below his shoulders; a V-shaped frame, muscled but not bulging; the form fitting black slacks that showed off thick thighs and shapely legs, tucked into the big, heavy-looking, steel-tip black boots; the belt, held in place right above his hips by an oval shaped vintage silver buckle with an intricate pattern chiseled into it; his lips, plump but not too much, slightly parted, allowing a preview of perfectly aligned naturally white teeth; deep forest green eyes, framed by long and curvy dark eyelashes that made it look like he had put on kohl, as ancient Egyptians did.

     The scent of musk, sandalwood and frankincense was now quite distinctive, though there was something else there that she couldn’t quite identify. It was that particular part of his scent that intrigued her, sort of citrusy but not just that. “Exotic, to say the least”, she thought, not noticing his gaze intently locked on her.

- What are you thinking about? – He asked, with a sort of silly grin.

- Well… nothing concerning you. – She retorted, causing the smile to leave his face. – Would you mind stepping aside? I need to get out of the bed.

- Out of bed? Why would you want to do that? Isn’t it comfortable in there? – The young man asked, tilting his head slightly to the left.

- Sure it is. Why don’t you get in here then? – She retorted; a flirty smile on her lips and a mischievous look on her eyes.

     That took him by surprise, eyes widening in shock at her bold suggestion.

- While you’re at it, keep your eyes closed, so I can have some privacy without rudely kicking you out. I need to get dressed and all that sort of things. – The girl added then, laughing at his expression.

- Ah, I see. – He seemed a bit disappointed, but couldn’t avoid laughing along with her.

     Stepping aside, he granted her passage and landed himself comfortably among the bed covers, relaxing both muscles and expression.

     All the way to the dresser and out of the bedroom, she could feel his firmly set gaze on her back. Turning around, the young woman was presented with his relaxed figure sprawled across her bed, eyes lazily closed and smiling slightly, proof he had just closed them. She could distinctively apprehend the soft and slow movement of his wide chest, to the rhythm of his deep breathing. “He is gorgeous”, she thought. “That I cannot deny in any way.”

     “My my my…”, the young man thought in turn, totally unaware of her own thoughts and gaze. “Isn’t she a feisty one…? I actually thought she was inviting me into bed with her!”

     He was trying hard to keep his eyes closed, granting her the privacy she had expressed to wish. Though indeed he wanted to look at her as long as he could, while she brushed her hair, washed her face and teeth, got dressed… a slight blush arose in his cheeks as he held on to that last thought. He couldn’t help it, really.

     She had been teasing him for quite a bit of time since they first met. The man couldn’t just sit throughout all that provoking and teasing and not act upon it. That would make him a coward and less of a man; or so he thought.

     The first day he’d seen the young woman had been at least a year before she had ever known him. “She was wearing a salmon spaghetti-strap sheer top, quite flattering on her cleavage… a nice cleavage, I might add.”, he remembered to himself, letting out the air he had unconsciously held in.

- So, what are you doing here anyway? – She asked, returning from the bathroom, fully clothed. The girl saw his shoulders shake slightly, as he laughed inwardly and denied her an answer.

     There he was, the physique of a demi-god and the teasing annoying personality to match, snuggled in her bed, laughing at her. The girl let out a little sigh of both bedazzlement and annoyance.

- Are you going to answer me? If not, you can just leave now.

- Ah? Am I not welcome here? – He asked, challengingly, with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

     The way he looked at her felt like a roaring fire, burning from within him and her alike. Intense, purposeful, with just the perfect hint of sadness and lust mingled in it.

- That’s not it, you thick-head. – She replied, after finally having forced herself away from the fire in those green twin seas of his eyes. – It’s just weird. YOU, of all people, at my house, in my bedroom! At this hour of the day, without even a word or warning.

     Now, he was shocked. A bit embarrassed, too, to say the least. She actually didn’t notice it, for she was deeply enthralled in her speech, which was yet to come to a halt.

- We don’t even know each other to this level of trust, for you to come to my house like this! – The girl finally concluded, panting a bit from all that ranting, staring at him.

- Well, you are right. I apologize for showing up uninvited and, quite obviously, unwelcome. – He retorted, getting up and making his way towards the front door. – I will be leaving right now.

     As he walked past her, her hand rested on the inside of his arm, above the elbow, on a firm grip, as she whispered for him to wait, without even turning to look at him. He stopped the instant her hand made contact with his arm, simply standing, a good 30cm taller than her. He could have kept on going easily, being pretty obviously stronger than her.

- I didn’t mean it like that. – She explained, knowing that even though neither was looking at the other, he was listening to her every word. – At least, I didn’t mean it to sound so aggressive and rude. I just wanted to know why you were here and you just had to go and give one of your ‘answer-a-question-with-a-question’ retorts…

- Look who’s talking, Miss Snappy Response. – He said, amused, turning around and laughing wholeheartedly. – If you really need to know why I came here so badly, I’ll tell you, ok?

- Fine then, tell me. – The girl agreed, sticking her tongue out at him playfully.
Her heart was racing a bit, now that they were standing face to face, bodies close to each other and his hand covering hers while their eyes were locked into each other’s. There it was again, his soft chuckle and fierce purposeful gaze. She could feel the blood coursing through his arm and noticed, a bit surprised, that his heart rate was accelerated. He finally spoke.

- I wanted to see you. That’s why I came here. – The young man confessed, holding her hand in between both of his. – I want to get to know you better and I never seem to be able to when you’re with your friends. So I thought I could give it a try with just the both of us. I assumed that at this hour I would be able to find you alone. So, I came.

     Their bodies were now a couple of centimeters apart from each other, her gaze timidly resting at his chest. Her legs were shaking the slightest bit, as she made sense of what he had just said. Looking down at her, he pulled her gaze to his, with the aid of his thumb softly under her chin. His face made way, closer to hers, as both started breathing quickly and heavily.

     Her mind was racing now. He was going to kiss her, like he had so many times, during their constant teasing, threatened to do. As she had been imagining he would do for quite some time now. And then, he did. There it was, his kiss, planted softly and lightly on her lips.

     Such sweetness from such a person seemed almost impossible and yet, she had always known it would be like that. Only one possible option for her now: surrender to his kiss, to his hands cupping her face, to his warmth. What really surprised her was the realization she had wanted this all along.

     As her mind wandered back into reality, she knew she had to do something before his lips parted from hers against her will. So she did, placing her hands around his neck, thumb tips caressing his solid jaw line, pressing herself against his body. It was like feeding gasoline into a small fire. It felt like their cores were now mingled in a furnace containing the roaring fires of Hell. The slipping of her tongue into his slightly open mouth was responded by his embrace, hands roaming through her torso, one resting at her hip and the other encircling her waist completely. It felt good, warm and caring. Above all, it felt safe. Safer than she had ever felt in another lover’s arms.

     She was slightly surprised by the contact between their tongues, meeting halfway somewhere during that kiss. He tasted like spices, like mint, like chocolate and coffee. He tasted of mystery and unrestrained passion. She could only lose herself in it and always crave for more.

     An all too familiar feeling of wings fluttering around her insides took over her body, while she kept her eyes closed, hoping she wasn’t dreaming. The slight pressure she was now starting to feel against her lower belly as their bodies closed in on one another assured her that it was real and very much so.

     As their mouths parted, gasping for breath, their lips were slightly swollen, moist and tingling. Their bodies, however, rested as they were, her arms encircling his neck and his own cradling her frame. Her eyes widened in surprise, taking in their surroundings: they were not in her bedroom anymore. He had taken them somewhere else.

     They were in a different bedroom, candlelit, furnished in an antique style, a four poster bed placed at the center of the huge deep red rug on floor. A chaise-longue and a lounge chair were the only other pieces of furniture apart from the candelabra all around. The colors of deep red and black were the dominants on thedécor, with even the wood being of the darkest hue she had ever laid eyes upon. It was luscious and sensuous and beautiful, like a fantasy out of her imagination.

     Now, this kind of event wasn’t exactly unusual to her. Magic ran free in her world ever since anyone could remember, though not many were gifted for it. She never knew he was this gifted in the arcane arts. Yet, the surprise and shock of her new whereabouts left her mind quickly as his kiss enthralled her again.

     His arousal was now quite evident, though her desire was not far behind it, simply not so visible. Even so, he knew it and confirmed it when his hand landed upon her left breast, circling her hardened nipple, which he could feel even though it was under her bra and blouse. That move gained him an audible and deep sigh from the girl, making him want her even more.

     She; she wanted this, she wanted him. Oh, Gods and Goddesses, how she did! Her hands hastened to his waist, struggling to remove his sweater and reach that tan smooth skin underneath. Success in this task granted her view to his toned torso and impressive six-pack and access to his own hardened nipples, which her mouth hastened to kiss, lick, suckle and bite gently. Her reward was a sharp intake of breath from his part and the contraction of his body against hers.

     Suddenly, both their upper bodies had been relieved from the constraints of clothing. It pleased her immensely to see the expression in his eyes as he was presented with her bare breasts. It made her feel beautiful, wanted. She felt empowered; she felt the way she thought a real woman should feel. Taking the matter into hands… and mouth, he began trailing her torso with the tip of his tongue, his teeth and his lips. The warmth of his breath sent shivers throughout her body.

     The girl was laying on the lush soft deep red carpet, with him on top of her, exploring the lines of her tattoo with his fingertips. His weight was surprisingly comfortable on her, as to her mind the idea of what was happening between them was comforting. She decided to stop thinking about it, stop planning and analyzing his and her every move and surrender to the flow of sensations coursing through all of her being.

     He was now making his way to her lower belly, trailing her shape with kisses and caresses. She couldn’t help herself and clawed his shoulders firmly with her fingernails, leaving deep markings etched on his skin. The young man seemed to like it, as his shallow breath on her navel indicated. He was dangerously close to her intimacy, as she finally felt his hands grasp the waist of her jeans. Still, it was too soon for that, she decided, flipping him on his back and assuming the task he had before performed as her own.

     Her eyes wandered throughout his body, from toe to head, landing on his lust-filled green jewels. Such delicious skin, color of bronze and gold, against her paleness. Scars were visible here and there and she made her way to caress these markings with all she could. Sprawled across his chiseled abs, she kissed and licked and caressed every spot, tenderly committing to memory all those little blemishes with as much care as she could convey with a touch, gaining soft low moans from him. His now evident erection was resting against her lower back; she could distinctively feel the slight throbbing of his penis as she moved.

     Leaning in to kiss him, letting her hand freely follow the outline of one of his tattoos; his hands firmly gripped her hips as his lower body began to rock back and forth against her. An evident sign of his desire: a desire for her and her alone. That simple thought filled her with pride and pleasure. She knew her yearning matched his to its full extent, as her heartbeat located now between her legs proved it. There was heat irradiating from both of them, bodies moving through the sheer power of the eagerness that engulfed man and woman.

     “I want you”, their gazes said to each other, words rendered needless by the intensity in which their bodies spoke. The girl felt an urge she had never before experienced, as her hands reached to relieve him from his pants and undergarments: the urge to caress his masculinity intimately, the want to perform oral sex on that man who drove her so wild.

     The sight before her eyes as he became fully hard for her almost made her back away from him and their heated encounter. She was quite inexperienced and had no real idea of how and average-sized penis would look like, but he was bigger than anyone she’d ever seen. The way the young man looked at her shunned aside any doubt she had: his conscious mind totally overridden by desire, yet a slight look of surprise in his handsome features. She knew then, for sure, that no one had ever done that to him, that he shared her lifelong opinion towards fellatio. Still, she decided to proceed. Old thoughts on that practice were shattered by a need for him she could not fight nor explain.

     The young woman swallowed and breathed deeply as her hand encircled his fully erect penis. She could feel the blood coursing through its veins, its warmth spreading to her palm, going up her arm and settling at the pit of her stomach. Her slightly trembling hand began its movement, exploring every centimeter of his, every bulge, every curve, every sensitive spot.

     He was holding his breath as she moved through his length. A flood of new sensations was taking over him, as he closed his eyes and surrender to that touch and to her, completely. How could she, a ‘simple girl’, make him feel so helpless and yet so powerful, like no one else had? She had him wrapped around her finger and he only wanted to remain so.

     Then, as if knowing his thoughts, her lips were resting where her hand had been. The cool breath coming from her parted lips made him tingle all over, shivers traveling along his skin. the nervousness he had sensed from her was now gone, as her mouth began to explore his organ, lips, tongue and teeth alike. One wandering hand descended, starting to caress his testicles ever so lightly it was even barely considered as touching. He was completely exposed to her, in all of his vulnerabilities, yet he loved every moment of it, as her mouth slowly began accommodating his length.

     Even though visibly inexperienced as she was, he couldn’t take that kind of stimulation for long before he found himself going to over the edge. Though mostly against his will - and hers – he had to stop her sweet torture and devise one of his own making. Suddenly, he noticed the hand that rested amongst the ginger-dyed strands of hair, having failed to realize he had even moved to that gesture before that instant. She had really blown his mind.

     Trying hard to break the spell of her vision as she was down on him, the young man pushed her aside gently, landing her once again on the soft carpet with his body towering over hers. There was a look of surprise on her face which was only outmatched by the intense pleasure piercing him through her half-closed eyes. He proceeded hastily to remove whatever was left of her garments, before his determination wavered under her gaze. He just wanted to please her, to obey her commands. That thought alone baffled him, the fact that he was willing to abide to her will without even thinking on it. There was only one woman to whom he had felt complied to obey like that… and she was his boss. Was this girl an enchantress? Why was he so defenseless near her? He could not find answers to those questions that crossed his mind.

     Soon enough, her body was bare underneath his hands. Such a fragile frame she had, when in comparison to his size. He began his shameless expedition throughout her sinuous figure, plump to the perfect extent of his liking, tracing circles and spirals with fingertips and warm breath. He wanted to cover her in kisses. Thus, he began by focusing his attention on her breasts once more, this time more lovingly and slower than before. Round, full, rosy breasts; the darkest area of her aureoles and nipples hardened with arousal.

     The girl’s breathing was shallow and quick, almost synchronized with his ministrations on her and that alone kept him focused on his surroundings. The race down her torso matched the speed of his heartbeat and the intensity of his lust. Though he was finding that there was something else lurking behind that aching desire to be physically closer to her than ever before.

     Roles inverted now, when he began spreading her legs, a little forcefully as her shyness and modesty crept to the surface of her now sexually-driven mind. The young man chuckled, noticing the rush of blood on her cheeks and feeling her skin crawl as he brushed the back of his hands softly down her inner thighs, nearing her most intimate of places. He could feel the heat emanating from her core, undeniable proof that, though embarrassed and shy, she wanted him. His hands surrounded her bottom while his thumbs neared her labia.

     The man faced a decision now: whether to approach her with hands or mouth first. Pondering on it as he enjoyed the view of the outlines of her swollen, flushed and moist sexuality and the scent of her arousal, his intakes of breath were already stimulating her insides. The girl felt him closing in on her slowly, her body responding to the teasing by rushing all her blood to the area surrounding her clitoris. As sudden as a car crash, his mouth and hands descended simultaneously upon her, covering the full extent of her womanhood.

     All awareness left her, apart from knowledge of her nether regions and what was taking place there. It was warm and yet sent chills down her spine, as he tasted her, teasing the core of her extremely sensitive flesh with the tip of his amazingly soft tongue. Her hands gripped the carpet firmly as he worked her nervous system into overdrive, slowly torturing her entrance with his rough thumb. A prelude for what was to come.

     As he pushed one finger inside her, while devising circles on the neighboring hot spot with his mouth, she arched her back upwards, her bosom crowning the glory of her nudity. Exploring inside her to his delight, he knew neither of them could endure this delicious denial of release any longer. The woman’s firm grasp on his raven black locks as her hips swayed against him proved him that much.

     That was as much foreplay as either of them could endure, she knew it, reveling on the funny sensations the brush of his day-old beard caused against her delicate, tender and over stimulated flesh. She wanted more, yet not wanting this lush torture to ever end. It was then he reached under her, cradling her in his arms and carrying her to the king-sized four-poster bed.

     The girl was thankful of the softness the bed provided, for the carpet had begun to cause friction burn to her back. As she lay there, waiting for him to join her, she allowed herself the guiltless pleasure of committing his mesmerizing body to memory, keeping in small details, which she so loved to do.

     The way his navel was more of an elongated ellipse rather than a circle; his wrists, proof of his strength yet such a fragile area… she felt the urge to kiss and caress those wrists and immediately acted upon it. She could feel the blood coursing through his veins with her lips, kissing the thin and softer skin on the inside areas, in contrast with his slightly rough hands. It was terribly hopeless: she was bewitched by him.

     He realized what she was doing just a moment after she reached for his hands. Now, there she was kissing and caressing his wrists. As simple and unimpressive as it seemed, it was also terribly erogenous. How had she thought of that, his wrists? It was a sweet and innocent gesture and no one had ever touched him that way. The curiosity he had towards her gesture abandoned him as he felt her breasts brush past his forearms. Enough of this game. It was time to make her his, completely.

     As he mover over her, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling and slowly caressing her reddened cheek. Her parted lips were inviting him for a kiss and he gladly accepted the invitation. His tongue met hers the exact moment he pushed himself inside her. Slowly; painfully and delightfully slowly; she received him, welcomed him, embraced him in the most intimate of ways, accommodating him fully inside her. They remained like that for a few moments, taking in the sensations of their conjoined bodies.

     A perfect fit, as much of a cliché as it might have been; that’s what it was. It was like fitting a key to its designated lock. Her legs wrapped around his waist almost as if dancing, granting him easier and deeper access, as his hips slowly and steadily began rocking back and forth; grinding against her pelvis, his own pressing with every thrust on her clitoris, enhancing the sensations flooding the girl’s body and mind.

     He loved the way she met his movement with her own, the way she contracted herself around his penis every time he pushed back in. She trembled at the feeling of his tip brushing ever so close to that spot, silently wishing he would not get there just yet, or she would be done for. She dwelled on the thought of how he filled her and how she just wanted him more and more, deeper and faster. Exactly as if he had read her mind, the young man accelerated his thrusting rhythm, now both of them moving against each other freely, in between kisses, caresses and shallow breathing. Knowing it would be better, she lifted her bottom and lower back off of the bed, while he sustained her by encircling her waist with his right arm. The contact between them was now overwhelming.

     Sweat made their skins glisten in the candlelight as their dance continued; silent apart muted sighs and breaths. He loved every time she began shaking her head sideways, as if losing a battle against herself. She leaned up, grabbing his neck as her mouth rushed to his kiss. Ginger red and raven black locks now mingled as the rest of their bodies were. His hand cupping her rear end was the only thing that prevented her from falling and he squeezed each buttock gently as new sensations unmasked themselves in that different position. The man sighed against her lips, which she nibbled on frantically, after having planted soft kissed on his closed eyes, suckling on his earlobes and softly biting along his jaw line and chin.

     She was wild, as if she had finally found a freedom she had long awaited for. Every few moments, their eyes met before closing again to taste the pleasure with their minds. Every time they caught each other’s gaze, it only added to the fire blazing in on their insides. Even so, they locked eyes on eyes, widened orbs speaking what they lacked in words.

     Silently agreeing to a want for change, both bodies moved in their own secret dance against one another, adjusting to a new stance. Both regretted the seconds their intimate contact was ceased, only to melt into an ocean of sensation as they were once again joined. Her back slid down his chest and abdomen as she once more received him in her. Strong masculine hands cupped her breasts, barely able to contain the plump roundness, as she pressed herself against his torso. Their feet rested close to each other’s, toes toying with their nearest counterpart. The man giggled, which seemed a bit odd and out of character for him, before gently biting the spot where her neck and shoulder met. That was the moment she found out he was ticklish. Resting her head on his solid muscular shoulder, she let out a sigh of contentment as they began moving once more. It was the only audible proof of yearning she could allow herself to manifest, fearing that, with sound, she would break the spell they were weaving.

     Settling to a comfortable pace, they resumed their lovemaking, his hands roaming freely throughout her body and vice-versa. One large warm hand found its way down the young woman’s torso, toying with her navel and going to rest with slight pressure on her clitoris, as the second hand moved into an embraced, holding her tenderly. The girl’s back arched, responding to this new stimulus his hand offered, while her fingernails dug slightly into the straining surface of his thighs. Her body descended on his again and again, with a swirling movement from her hips, each time going a bit faster, a bit harder.

     The physical manifestations of their arousal made them feel like candy apple, sweat droplets mingling, both of them red and horny, panting and shaking against each other. Man and woman both knew it would not be long before their encounter came to an end. They were now practically longing for it, as refraining from release was becoming ever so slightly painful and difficult to bear. Soon, the threshold of their orgasm would present itself, but none wished to go past that point of no return just yet.

     Going at an increasing pace, their thrusting becoming rougher and their breathing shallower, the couple felt close to exploding in pleasure and anticipation. She steadied herself by firmly gripping his hips, her thumbs caressing the outlines of his gun slings, while he held her close to him, tightly in a hug, his chin finding support on her left shoulder. Pushing back from her a bit, he noticed the outline of her shoulder blades, in tension. The bones sticking out slightly against her tender white skin made the movement nearly hypnotizing. Giving in to yet another urge, he lost himself in the pleasure of nibbling and suckling those areas, feeling the slight contractions his doing so caused through her body.

     Suddenly stopping the reckless rocking movement of both bodies, they knew they had reached ecstasy as if their beings were only one. Frames frozen in place, rigid, holding their breath under tightly shut eyes. One final thrust was like the epilogue of their encounter, neither willing to leave the other’s closeness and warmth. How long had it been since the two of them had been standing in her bedroom, facing each other before that first kiss? It seemed as time was standing still since then.

     Dropping heavily on to the bed, hugging each other, they struggled to calm racing hearts and regain control of their breathing. Once again, an unexpected sweet action from him, as the young man pulled the bed covers over their naked and exhausted bodies. Black silk sheets and a red cashmere blanket, the young woman now noticed. Was this his bedroom? It could only be, she decided; it felt just like he felt against her skin: warm, strong, mysterious, exotic and slightly rough around the edges. And a bit erotic.

     She rolled on her back, snuggling against him and resting her head on his chest. His heart pounded in her ears, mixing with the sound of her own. As the girl so did, his arm reached to cradle her while his hand caressed her hair. Such caring from him was somehow weird, since he was not prone to displays of affection, but she liked it. Her hand drew shapes across his chest, absentmindedly. There was no obvious need for words as they lay there; still dwelling on the rush of sensations they had shared. Even so, he spoke, breaking the silence that layered the atmosphere.

- I want to give you something. – He said, eyes fixed on the top of her head, as his hand traced her body down to the small of her back.

     The girl moved to face him, resting her chin on his chest, looking at the boy with curiosity. There was a tingling at her lower back, almost like a slight burning. It hurt a bit, too. Still her curiosity about what he was going to say surpassed the pain.

- I’m sorry if I’m hurting you, but… - He started off again, but she had something she had to say before he proceeded.

- Eu amo-te. – The woman said, firmly and with certainty, causing him to look her straight in the eye.

     He was, quite obviously, rendered speechless. Even though he could not speak the language, he knew as much as to understand she had just said she loved him. The fact that she did so in her native tongue only made it in a way more special and, definitely, more serious. Her eyes reassured the young man that she didn’t expect a response of any kind from him, she simply had to say it and that was that.

     The same way he was apparently struggling to express something his own way, she had gone by instinct and mouthed the words on her mind uncensored. He also knew she might come to regret having so rashly said those words, maybe even sooner than either expected. She was probably regretting it right now, but it was her own conscience which had to deal with it.

     Still tracing a strange pattern on her lower back, he seemed a bit far away in thought as she observed him. The girl felt that slight burning come to a halt the exact moment his hand moved to rest at her hip, but the area kept the tingling feeling it had started off with. She had no doubt now that there was some kind of spell-crafting imbued in the movement of his fingers on her back. What had he done to her?

- It is done, now. – He said, in a deep thought kind of tone, startling her. – My mark is on your back, even though most people will not be able to see it.

- What?! – She asked, confused and appalled with his words, a little anger showing through. – Ah, so that’s how you roll, heh? You fuck and then you brand the girl little cattle?

- It’s not what you think… I’m sorry! – He started explaining, while her anger built up slowly to a desire to beat him up. – I really don’t know how to explain this any better than saying that that marking is something that I bestow upon beings extremely rarely. It means something more than ‘I’ve been here’. It means you belong to me. But it also means I belong to you.

     She was dumb shocked. Had he just said that she belonged to him? More, had he just said he belonged to her? Something seemed extremely impossible to her in all this, now. When was she going to wake up, for this could only be another dream?

- You did something to me… marked me, to show I belong to you and you belong to me? – The girl asked, confused. – But most people aren’t able to see that marking? So what’s the point? And what do you mean with belonging?

- The mark, my seal, my crest, if you wish to call it like that. It may not be visible to the majority, but even though they don’t see it, they will know you have someone. – He started explaining, with a soft smile on those rosy ‘just-the-perfect-amount-of-thick’ lips. – You did something to me, you know? You awakened something in me I had no idea I had. You saw in me things, a person, not even I had seen. You have marked me long before I marked you. And that marking you gave me is just as invisible as your own.

     She was speechless. All that was like him saying he loved her, actually. Maybe even more than that. The girl could only smile, understanding his actions. She could only hold him tight as she kissed him. She could only try to hold back those tears of joy that ran down her cheeks into his face. She had never felt like this. She had never been felt like this.

     Resting again on his chest, the girl curled with the boy, both slipping slowly into the land of dreams. Though no dream could ever compare to how they felt in each other’s arms.

terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2011


Forget those words I wrote
I am a fool, dellusional.
Forget those foolish sighs
of this woman, so passional.
Forget the kisses
oh so sweet
Forget everything
there's nothing to keep.
Surrender to amnesia
let go all thought of me
From your mind
erase our afrodisia
It was all
never meant to be.