quarta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2008

Satyr's folly

On the surface
of an undisturbed lake
something stirs…
Circling waves
expand away
like shooting stars.

You feel his presence
and hear his laughter
even before he’s ever seen.
He sings and dances
and jumps around, Mother Nature as his queen.

Light temper,
kind heart.
Elegant grace
as if walking was an art.

And then you see,
as you had expected,
a smiling face
and deep green eyes.

You hear his song
of joy and devotion
and you know
they are no lies.

On the Lake,
where the Lady rules,
all is as it is.
All around
the satyr runs
and his name is Azhis.

ilustração de/illustration by: André Pereira andrepereiradesign@gmail.com
Todos os direitos de imagem são reservados ao autor